We build trusted analytics software for clients in all industries, and our collective experience helps us to quickly identify and understand your unique challenges. From web applications and hybrid workflows to mobile devices that pave the way for the future, our team can provide a comprehensive range of solutions that are not only secure, reliable, and scalable, but solve your toughest challenges.


Data Extraction/ETL

We pull relevant data from all internal & external partner systems via API, FTP, or web scraping. We groom data before it goes into the database by eliminating discrepancies and redundancies. We load data into destination application in the desired format to make it further available for analysis.


Data Design & Visualization

We profile & design physical and logical data models so that they can be analyzed in a manner that supports your business needs. We create interactive dashboards that provides a holistic view of your audience behavior and interests.


Data Extraction/ETL

We provide our clients with smart analytics that answer the most pressing business questions. We have a team of Data Strategists with several years of experience in identifying and deriving key performance indicators to improve customer acquisition, user interaction and revenue of your business.


AI & Machine Learning

We apply Machine Learning algorithms to a wide range of business problems for deriving current state analysis. We use AI tools that can identify patterns and cohorts using big data to derive trends and make predictions.


Web & Mobile Design

We have dedicated Full-Stack Engineers, which cater to a single client at a time. We perform subtle, user-centric & feedback-driven design, to fine-tune the UI/UX journey for any devices and screen types. We incorporate feedback & analytics to create functional, beautiful, and accessible interfaces.


Web Development

We use python-based frameworks to build Marketplaces Apps & Portals for businesses with multi-vendor features, ecommerce, payment, etc. Cloud-based development helps us in creating sustainable, secure & scalable SAAS apps with built-in analytics to measure customer behavior.


Mobile Development

We craft native, hybrid & interactive mobile apps for businesses with complex goals and challenges - across platforms and devices. With our expertise, we can help your brand have an engaging, results-driven mobile presence.


Desktop Application Development

Using advanced technologies, we build rapid, scalable and secure desktop applications, MVP for start-up or sophisticated corporate software for enterprises. We scale our practicality and innovation to the needs of the task at hand and the value it brings to our client’s product.


DevOps & Solutions Architecture

Based on our experience in development and methodologies, we can build up a team of DevOps experts who will improve your project infrastructure, shorten your product time-to-market, and accelerate development cycles.